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Hi! Thank you for visiting my website :)


I am an illustrator, artist and photographer, based out of India. Being passionate about working with my hands, I love the act of creation whether it is art or photography.

My work is inspired from nature, nostalgia and beauty in the small things. I am interested in exploring people, places and their stories. Learning different point of views on familiar and not so familiar things allows me to understand various perspectives, and the way our world is. I try to reflect on what I see and experience through my work.

After working in the marketing, advertising & design industries for a decade, I realized I needed more room for creative expression and that my true calling was to be an artist. I enjoy playing with dots, lines and patterns interweaving with each other, creating an interplay between minute details of nature and its mysteries to form an abstract expression. The process allows me to have a space for self reflection and exploration, it is truly a meditative experience. 


I am excited to build this into an evolving space where both photography and art can come together. A place where you can view my work, read my stories and reach out to me for collaborations, new projects and commissions.

Take a look around, see what you like, I would love to know your views if something interests you. Let’s start a dialogue!


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